motherhood affirmation cards

Affirmations are such a lovely, positive and empowering activity to incorporate into our daily lives. A way to draw in positivity and set the tone for our day ahead or a way to give thanks and practice gratitude before bed.

This beautiful set of 12 affirmation cards are specifically designed and created for motherhood. Download and print them out, ready to display on your bathroom mirror, fridge door or on top of your work desk...wherever it feel right for you.

Use a new affirmation each day or keep the same one all week, there is no right or wrong. 

How you use:

  • Once downloaded and printed, cut around each card.
  • Pick a card - you can do this randomly or look through each to see which resonates with you most that day.
  • To begin, take a few deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, breathing love and light into your heart.
  • With your chosen card, repeat the affirmation to yourself quietly or out loud 10 times in a loving, positive way.
  • Take another deep breath in and out and relax.
  • Embrace and enjoy the positive start to the day or fall into blissful sleep.




This is a digital download. You will need to download the files and print yourself. No physical product will be sent to you.