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This is a wonderful activity that can extend over a couple of days. Spend one day foraging and collecting flowers with the kiddies and the following day completing the actual activity. Be sure to keep your flowers in water so they stay fresh! 

This play incorporates number recognition and matching elements which results in a beautiful floral filled heart.


What you will need:
- An assortment of flowers and foliage, 4 different types with multiples of each
- Scissors
- Marker


How to:

Using the bamboo building set, form a heart shape. These blocks are great as when you stand them up, they act as little vessels for the flowers to sit in.

Cut strips out of the paper and number them with the marker, 1 to 4, making multiples of each.

On a separate sheet of paper, make a key, so each flower matches back to a number, 1 to 4.

Insert the pieces of paper into the bamboo blocks in any order you like, can be random or symmetrical! 
Now it is time to have some fun! Using the reference key, fill the bamboo blocks with the flower next to the appropriate number.
Once complete, you will have a beautiful floral filled heart!
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